[techtalk] dual boot/ linux writing into win98 partition

Vinnie surmonde at freeshell.org
Fri Mar 30 15:34:52 EST 2001

On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, Terry Yesse wrote:

> The parts I'm unsure about:
>   1. how to get Linux to write into the Windows partition

Compile your kernels with VFAT support, then mount them as a regular drive

check out http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/Filesystems-HOWTO.html

>   2. will just copying the files from an installed windows work?
>      (how to I get the right stuff into the boot sector etc.?)

sort of...copying will work for almost all the files, or did for win95 and
I don't know of any reasons it would be different for win98 (though test
this before deploying to your whole lab!)

you'll want to check out

for getting the right stuff into the boot sector

another option would be to use dd to make disk images and then just dd
them back as necessary. This works best if every machine has the same set
up...if there are minor differences you might be able to write a script to
set them up after dding...it depends heavily on the set up and your
scripting skils, though ;)

> Has anyone done anything like this?  Is there a better way?

something similiar I've done, that might work well in your environment, is
put the windows cab files out on a shared drive then booted linux, mounted
the shared rive and copied the files over to a windows-formatted drive,
then used the windows install scripting option (I don't remember what it's
called...check your docs..if you can't find anything tell me and I'll go
see what I can dig up) to install windows...it's reasonably fast and
requires minimum human intervention...


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