[techtalk] dual boot/ linux writing into win98 partition

Terry Yesse terry at scruznet.com
Thu Mar 29 23:09:56 EST 2001

Hi all-
I work in a student computer lab that uses Win 98.
We reload the software on a regular basis as the
windows files inevitably get messed up.

I was wondering if it would be possible to make the
machines dual boot Linux and Windows and use Linux
to reload the Win software over the network.  Norton Ghost
would be the usual solution to this problem, but I'd 
rather have an excuse to load Linux on the machines!

The parts I'm unsure about:
  1. how to get Linux to write into the Windows partition
  2. will just copying the files from an installed windows work?
     (how to I get the right stuff into the boot sector etc.?)

Has anyone done anything like this?  Is there a better way?

Any pointers to HOWto's, man pages, how you did it, etc
would be much appreciated.


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