[techtalk] Oddness

Kath ranger at optonline.net
Fri Mar 23 21:55:46 EST 2001

Can anyone still ping www.kathweb.net ?

I can't ping www.kathweb.net from the machine itself.  Odd.

I can ping it from my workstation and from an offsite place (http://visualroute.datametrics.com).

Any ideas?

I run my own DNS server, here is the current config file:

@ IN SOA www.kathweb.net. root.ns5.kathweb.net.  (
                                       2000012801 ; Serial
                                       28800      ; Refresh
                                       14400      ; Retry
                                       3600000    ; Expire
                                       86400 )    ; Minimum

                 IN      NS      ns5.kathweb.net.
                 IN      NS      ns2.kathweb.net.
                 IN      MX      10 ns5.kathweb.net.

; host addresses
localhost       IN      A
ns5             IN      A
ns2             IN      A
kathweb.net. IN A     
router          IN      A
dhcp            IN      A
; canonical aliases
mail            IN      CNAME   ns5
irc             IN      CNAME   ns5
www             IN      CNAME   ns5
kathweb.net     IN      CNAME   ns5
phpmyadmin      IN      CNAME   ns5
myphpshop       IN      CNAME   ns5
dsh             IN      CNAME   ns5
secure          IN      CNAME   ns5
cybercen        IN      CNAME   ns5
sdpta           IN      CNAME   ns5
voxpop          IN      CNAME   ns5
token           IN      CNAME   ns5
reprahzent      IN      CNAME   ns5
leech           IN      CNAME   ns5

- Kath, the slightly confused
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