[techtalk] USB Support?

Mandi mandi at linuxchick.org
Fri Mar 23 12:18:01 EST 2001

You can try http://www.linux-usb.org/ for lin-usb info.  Dell has a lot of
stuff on their site about running linux on their machines, as does

There's usb support around for various things, zip and what have you.  I
have a powermac with usb keyboard/mouse, and all that stuff is supported
in the kernel.

USB first came into the kernel in early 2.2  (like 8 or something)  If you
go with Red Hat, you'll probably need to get a new kernel.  I have no
idea what 7.0 shipped with, but if it's earlier than 2.2.18, you'll want
to go at least that far.

I haven't used Red Hat in a while, and don't use it on my personal
machines, but I would check Dell's site to see what comes up.  You might
get a recommendation to use a different distribution on that particular
model of laptop, one that has more recent stuff in it.


On Thu, 22 Mar 2001, Shari wrote:

> I'm about to begin an installation of Redhat 7.0 on my Dell Laptop (Inspiron 3700).  
> I've attempted this before, unsuccessfully with RH 6.0.  Had display problems and 
> couldn't get my dsl working.  But I digress.
> I've been away from Linux for awhile, and I wouldn't call myself an OS/HW guru by 
> any means.  My question is what is the hw support like for USB?  I have a USB CD-RW 
> drive, that I can't seem to get running in Win2k.  I haven't seen my model on 
> RedHat's HCL site.  
> Is this an ill-fated exercise?  Is anyone doing this?
> Thanks in advance
> Shari
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