[techtalk] USB Support? -- answered my own question

Shari sharifl at pacbell.net
Thu Mar 22 09:01:49 EST 2001

And it makes me very sad .. from Linux HOWTO...  oh well.  At least I have the MAC!

1.5 Supported CD-writers
USB CD-writers are currently not supported at all. Apart from that you can
safely assume that most newer IDE/ATAPI- and SCSI-writers work under
Linux. Newer drives are mostly MMC-compliant and are therefore supported. If
the SCSI-version of a particular writer works, the IDE/ATAPI-version will
most likely work and vice versa. However, some people want to get a warm
and fuzzy feeling by reading the exact model of their writer in some sort
of compatibility list.  That is the reason why I didn't throw the following
list out of the HOWTO. 

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