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Maria G Martinez sultanita at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 21 20:38:19 EST 2001

Perhaps you might want to see this page, apparently it
is a service already existing from the host
(xanga.com) of biancabroussard.com


I don't knowhow useful it might be, but it seems to be
what you have been discussing.

Hope it helps.


--- Mary Gardiner <mary at puzzling.org> wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 21, 2001 at 02:22:00PM +0100, Rebecca J.
> Walter wrote:
> > but technically...
> > are you running a PHP script that inputs the html
> codes and outputs a
> > final html file which you then upload or what?
> > thats where i got confused.
> The initial data will be something along the lines
> of a file named
> 20010321 (and that name may well be generated):
> <p>
> Dear diary...
> </p>
> <p>
> Today I
> </p>
> I'll put paragraph tags, links and quotes in myself,
> but I want headers,
> dates, day of the week, links to archives, links to
> previous and next
> entries, link from archive to entry and so on
> generated
> programmatically. Generating this manually means
> (a) Work on the headers
> (b) Remember each time, how I format dates and so on
> (c) Put all links to archives in standard places
> (d) Update two separate archive files and the
> monthly page
> (e) Update the link from the previous entry
> Hence with the structure I have in mind, in addition
> to having to
> re-template every page in re-design of the moment,
> each entry will mean
> updates to four separate files. Not to mention that
> since I don't write
> everyday I have to *find* the previous entry etc
> etc. And at the end of
> the month there's heaps of extra work,
> Hence the need to only have very basic incomplete
> HTML which is then
> generated programmatically.
> Mary.
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