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Mary Gardiner mary at puzzling.org
Thu Mar 22 09:21:36 EST 2001

On Wed, Mar 21, 2001 at 02:22:00PM +0100, Rebecca J. Walter wrote:
> but technically...
> are you running a PHP script that inputs the html codes and outputs a
> final html file which you then upload or what?
> thats where i got confused.

The initial data will be something along the lines of a file named
20010321 (and that name may well be generated):

Dear diary...

Today I

I'll put paragraph tags, links and quotes in myself, but I want headers,
dates, day of the week, links to archives, links to previous and next
entries, link from archive to entry and so on generated
programmatically. Generating this manually means
(a) Work on the headers
(b) Remember each time, how I format dates and so on
(c) Put all links to archives in standard places
(d) Update two separate archive files and the monthly page
(e) Update the link from the previous entry

Hence with the structure I have in mind, in addition to having to
re-template every page in re-design of the moment, each entry will mean
updates to four separate files. Not to mention that since I don't write
everyday I have to *find* the previous entry etc etc. And at the end of
the month there's heaps of extra work,

Hence the need to only have very basic incomplete HTML which is then
generated programmatically.


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