[techtalk] Running Linux from a zip disk.

jenn at simegen.com jenn at simegen.com
Thu Mar 22 09:13:24 EST 2001

Maria G Martinez wrote:

> I am a newbie, and relatively ignorant, but for some
> reason, during the summer I will be rquired to do some
> UNIX stuff.  I decided that if I ran Slackware, I
> would be able to go by with that.  The problem is that
> I literally live at school, where everything is
> windows and microsoft.  So I was thinking in the
> possibility of running Linux from a zip disk, without
> having to mess up much with the computers.

The biggest question is whether the BIOS is set up to boot from
zip disks. And if you can change the BIOS to boot from the zip
disk without any hassles - and without 'messing up much' with 
the computers.

I'm not terribly familiar with zip disks (make that 'not at all')
but if they're basically portable hard drives, I can't see them
being any different. Provided the BIOS will boot from them.

If not, the next suggestion, is Lin4Win or whatever it's called - 
the linux-under-windows distribution. Would that work for you?

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