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Thu Mar 22 09:09:55 EST 2001

Laurel Fan wrote:

> (Of course, I am probably not the one to ask.  Were I to do this, I
> would combine make, cvs, and the remote execution feature of ssh, with
> a handful of perl/C/bash programs, and probably some "nontraditional"
> programming languages such as octave, gnuplot, or the C preprocessor,
> so that I could type in my entry somewhere, commit it to cvs, type
> make to create the web pages, and use a cvs commit notification script
> to email it.)

Which probably makes me not a good person to ask either, since that
seems like a terribly elegant solution to me!

Hm. The make would run a shell script (well, nowadays probably a
perl or python script - this would be where the PHP would come into
it) that takes the newly-committed text file or HTML lump, adds the 
desired headers and footers (and other prettification), and uploads
it to the untrusted-server. The CVS repository would be on a trusted,
regularly-backed-up machine.

This would mean that the files could actually be a tree that is
the directory structure the URL should display, because I'd have a 
CVS-repository database of the actual text. Any time I wanted to change 
the headers and footers, I'd change the scripts make uses and run it 
over the whole database, re-uploading the new pages.

Heh. Laurel, you're a woman after my own fingers. (Hey, what's more
critical to a programmer?)

Jenn V.
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