[techtalk] Printing to Deskjet printer

Rick Scott rick at shadowspar.dyndns.org
Thu Mar 15 13:32:59 EST 2001

(Conor Daly:)
> > 
> Running an hp Deskjet 550C on an lpt port and an HP Deskjet 610C on a HP
> JetDirect print server with rhs-printfilters-1.63-1 ...
> The RedHat printtool program takes care of all the editing and spool
> dir files but they can be done by hand.  I can send these if you
> wish.  Al you *really* need is rhs-printfilters which was up to
> 1.81-1 when last I looked.  Don't know where to get it but I can
> send you the (25k) tarball if you're interested.  Now whether it'll
> work for another distro I don't know but I'd say it's likely.

I think that debian has spoiled me.  I've got an HP Deskjet 670C
and all I did to get things up and running happily is install
the package apsfilter (5.1.4-1).  IIRC there was a minimum of tweaking
involved (it was a long time ago.)  Now all I have to do 
to print almost anything is `lpr filename'.  It handles both DOS 
and *nix text, Postscript, and DVIs, amongst other things; just send
'em straight to the printer.

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