[techtalk] Telnet trouble with RH7.0

Rick Scott rick at shadowspar.dyndns.org
Sun Mar 11 11:41:49 EST 2001

On Sun, Mar 11, 2001 at 01:54:37PM +0000, Conor Daly wrote:
> FIXED IT!  Did an
> rpm -ivh telnet-server-0.17-i386.rpm
> UURRGH!  Ever feel stupid?

At the same time, sometimes this is like racking your brains for
hours over why your car won't start.  You're rooting about under
the hood, checking everything, fearing an expensive repair job, when,
on a lark, you look at the fuel tank and find it empty.

You feel stupid, but it's kind of exhilarating, at the same time. =)

Never do anything against conscience,
even if the state demands it.
     :Albert Einstein

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