[techtalk] Debian

Rachel Andrew lists at rachelandrew.co.uk
Fri Mar 9 22:10:50 EST 2001


>      Two important things -- what distribution of Debian are you using,
>and what version of KDE do you want?  I'd recommend going for KDE 2
>over KDE 1.x.  On my system, I installed KDE 2 onto my
>recently-upgraded potato.  /etc/apt/sources.list should contain:
>deb http://kde.tdyc.com potato main crypto kde2 qt1apps optional

I tried this, I had tried this to different locations last night and it 
just says file not found, my connection to the net is fine

>      Once you've gotten all the packages, add startkde to your
>.xsession and remove any other window managers (assuming you're not
>doing that funky WindowMaker/KDE mix thing) if you're using xdm to
>start X.  Otherwise, just invoke KDE manually when you start X.

now you have lost me... i have always just installed kde with my redhat 
install and it has just worked... I don't even know that I have x installed 
on this or anything, the NT disk looks more tempting by the minute it has 
to be said!!

Rachel Andrew
i know there is strength in the differences between us and i know there is 
comfort where we overlap - ani difranco

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