[techtalk] Re; Help with hardware woes?

ktb x.y.f at home.com
Thu Mar 8 22:27:48 EST 2001

On Thu, Mar 08, 2001 at 07:46:01PM -0700, Wood, Mary wrote:
> It's alive!!!
> When Kent sent out his re;, I'd tried everything in his
> text except I was awaiting a new processor from Dell.  
> Sure enough, the new processor did the trick.  On the
> one hand, it's so much easier on my fragile newbie ego
> to be able to jiggle a cable and have all be right with
> the universe.  On the other hand, I learn volumes from
> major hidden problems like this that take me on lengthy
> journeys through the hardware jungle and back.  I always
> come out feeling like I've moved up a step on the geek
> ladder!
> Thanks all for the tips and hand-holding.

Glad you got it solved:)  I would really take a close look at the CPU
fan if it has one.  That might have been what killed the last one.
Sometimes they will work intermittently and fool you.
Course that might not be it at all:)

 From seeing and seeing the seeing has become so exhausted
     First line of "The Panther" - R. M. Rilke

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