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You should just be able to do an "apt-get install task-kde" after the
update.  That will install KDE and the needed support files.  


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Heya --

> Yet I can't install a window manager, I'd really like kde, but when I
> try and use apt-get it doesnt work.

     Ooh, I just got done with this one myself, actually.  I have yet
to find a good how-to for it; maybe I'll write one.  [grin]

     Two important things -- what distribution of Debian are you using,
and what version of KDE do you want?  I'd recommend going for KDE 2
over KDE 1.x.  On my system, I installed KDE 2 onto my
recently-upgraded potato.  /etc/apt/sources.list should contain:

deb http://kde.tdyc.com potato main crypto kde2 qt1apps optional 

If you omit the qt1apps, you can't get some of the dependent libraries.
 You can safely leave off optional, but you won't be able to get some
of the cool packages.

     I have no idea what order you're supposed to install things in. 
Add this line to /etc/apt/sources.list, then

apt-get update

(took about 10 minutes on my machine)

apt-get install kde*

threw up a bunch of errors for me, but those errors generally told me
what packages I needed to get.  Task-kde seemed to be all the KDE
programs I know and love, and task-kde-devel seemed to be many of the
dependent libraries.  I also had to upgrade my Perl and Python

     Try installing the packages that is says you don't have.  Ignore
conflicts with kdebase-it, kdebase-fr, etc., unless you actually need
Italian, French, etc. support.  (There are about a million language
versions -- I'm running KDE just fine without them.)

     Once you've gotten all the packages, add startkde to your
.xsession and remove any other window managers (assuming you're not
doing that funky WindowMaker/KDE mix thing) if you're using xdm to
start X.  Otherwise, just invoke KDE manually when you start X.

     If you get errors, post 'em to the list and I'll help if I can.

     Anyone else know a less messy way of doing this?



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