[techtalk] Pine and new mail

Jason MisterRain at intemperance.net
Thu Mar 8 12:40:32 EST 2001

My Pine mailbox doesn't seem to refresh itself as it should, or at least
as I'd like it to.  Frequently I'll have a terminal window open with Pine
running, showing no messages in my inbox for several minutes, and then
when I quit to the command prompt it will say "kept single message."  So I
run Pine again and there's the mail waiting for me.

I've got "mail-check-interval=30" in my .pinerc, so it should be
refreshing every 30 seconds, right?  I've tested by sending mail to myself
and it will sometimes sit for several minutes without showing me that I've
got mail. Am I missing something obvious?

Naturally this is more annoying than critical, but I appreciate any help.


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