[techtalk] Windows won't boot after installing RedHat 7

Raven, popcorn ninja damask0 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 5 21:06:38 EST 2001

Heya --

     Since you mentioned lilo, I'm assuming that that's what you've got
in your MBR.  Apologies if I missed it, but have you already posted
your /etc/lilo.conf?  Your boot manager may not have a stanza for
Windows in it.  Or, it may be there but be incorrect -- Red Hat 7 does
it slightly differently than my Debian does.  Also, after you change
the config file there you have to rerun /sbin/lilo, and should see
output like "Added Linux.  Added Windows." or whatever it is that you
labeled your stanzas.  That will let you know if you have a syntax
error in there, at least.


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