WIN2K (Re: [techtalk] Linux - Windows System)

Martin.Caitlyn at Martin.Caitlyn at
Mon Mar 5 14:48:35 EST 2001

Hi, Patrick, and everyone else,

You wrote:

> Another thing, I wouldn't suggest win2k... as it is new
> and also full of good ol' M$ bugs...

Err... not to defend Micro$oft, even for a second, but... if I really,
really wanted to run Windows something-or-other, Windows 2000 is the one I
would recommend.  It is a big improvement over NT 4.0 (it really is NT 5.0)
and is certainly more stable than Windows '95/'98/ME.  Speaking of a buggy
mess, avoid Windows ME at all costs.

Also, WIN2K isn't that new any more, and it's replacement is already in
beta.  Oh, and I am not recommending Windows XP to *anyone*.



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