[techtalk] Windows won't boot after installing RedHat 7

Angela Nash Chick at the-nashes.net
Mon Mar 5 23:08:41 EST 2001

I dualboot with an AMD Thunderbird every day.

What does your lilo.conf look like?  Do you get the option to boot to
Windows and it gives an error, or what?


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I bought Redhat 7 and installed it on my newly built computer at home. I
meant to make it dual boot with Win98. Now my problem is that after
installing Redhat I can't boot into Windows anymore... The partition is
still there, i just can't access it. Not even when i use a boot disk or the
win98 startup disk or the CDrom. When i try to boot that way, as soon as it
tries to probe the drive, it hangs, and the HD led stays lit.

I've reinstalled windows and linux a million times now, in different ways,
this time using the latest anaconda update, but still it doesn't work. I
just don't understand it, doesn't seem that i'm doing anything out of the
ordinary, it should just work...

I don't have much experience in linux. Is there somebody who could help me
out here? It must be a common problem, but nowhere on the Redhat site do I
find anything about it. I'll ask Redhat tech support to help me out, but I
was hoping that in the 3 days waiting for them to get back to me, someone
here would have a quick answer :) that would help me fix the partition... 


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