[techtalk] How to point whatever.domain.com to ip?

Mary Gardiner mary at puzzling.org
Tue Jan 30 00:51:36 EST 2001

On Sun, Jan 28, 2001 at 11:30:01PM -0600, ktb wrote:
> I've got a question since we are kind of on the dns subject.  I read
> sometime back that if you have a domain name lets say "domain.com" that
> you can add as many names as you want to that domain by preceding it
> with "whatever."  Like 'fast.domain.com' for example or
> 'slow.domain.com'  My question are, is this true?  I'm assuming a dns
> entry has to be set up for each of these names?  I purchased from 
> domaindiscover.com and don't see any mention of this at their site.  
> Thanks,
> kent

Yes, I do this with puzzling.org
It has subdomains imaginary and poetry, soon to have nomic. Even the
standard www.whatever.com is a vanilla subdomain.

Think of it as having bought a whole domain tree -

In fact, I am using register.com as my DNS server and there is a record
for any address of the form *.puzzling.org that isn't specifically listed
(I don't know how to do this in BIND, I use djbdns, and only internally).

You can do all kinds of things you.can.do.this.com, or you can have a mail
record for mail.here.com, but not have a A record for it, or have several
names pointing at a single IP address (very common).

You could also hand over subdomain.whatever.com to someone else by telling
your DNS servers to refer requests about subdomain.whatever.com to their
DNS server and then they could create subdomains of
subdomain.whatever.com... this continues up to a certain character limit.


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