[techtalk] Holy moly it might be working!

Raven, in recursion damask0 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 26 12:48:53 EST 2001

Heya --

> I can ping www.kathweb.net from two different machines.  Can you guys
> ping it?  
> However, I can't ping regular vanilla "kathweb.net" nor can I do a
> nslookup on "kathweb.net"

     You have to have a record in your db file pointing at a blank name
(to which the default domain is automagically appended -- so it will
resolve just kathweb.net as opposed to www.kathweb.net.).  I'd suggest
just CNAMEing it.  Add that record and you should be fine.


"Empty your heart of its mortal dream.
 The winds awaken, the leaves whirl round..."
 -- William Butler Yeats, "The Hosting of the Sidhe"

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