[techtalk] OpenLDAP 2.0 and Courier IMAP

Magni Onsoien magnio at pvv.ntnu.no
Fri Jan 26 10:06:19 EST 2001

Heya all :)

We are setting up a mailsystem for ~200k users now. We will use LDAP to
store the user information in, and we have originally decided to use
Courier IMAP 1.3.1 (newest version) as IMAP/POP daemons. The mail will
be stored in maildir format. The problem is that we are using OpenLDAP 
2.0.7 (due to technical reasons) and it seems like courier IMAP don't 
support authentication via OpenLDAP 2.0.

Does anyone have any ideas or tips about how to solve this problem?
Using OpenLDAP 2.0 is a permanent decision, as is mail in maildirs, while 
what IMAP/POP daemon to use may be changed if possible (the combination
of maildirs and authentications via LDAP may be problematic...).

(The system will run on RedHat 6.2, on several IBM Netfinity

Magni :)
sash is very good for you.

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