[techtalk] strange SSL issue

marisa mack marisa at europa.com
Fri Jan 26 12:10:24 EST 2001

while i've never seen the missing image issue, the ssl problems are an ie
thing. as far as i remember, ie was not correctly determining whether the
site was requesting ssl 2.0 or 3.0, and thus would not work. i have heard
that in some cases this can be fixed by manually specifying the ssl version
in the "internet options" -> "advanced" -> "security" section of ie, but
in our case we had to require that users upgrade their browser.

i know this answer isn't very helpful, but hopefully it's a start. :)


On Fri, Jan 26, 2001 at 09:03:25AM -0500, amy sed:
>  We have a secure server running RH7.0, using the
> SSL inherent in RH7.0, which uses mod_ssl, 
>  (which uses OpenSSL, from what I understand)
> with Apache. On certain web browers (IE 5 for certain),
> no images show up in secure mode, and the SSL service does
> not work. Not ALL IE5 browsers, however. I discovered that
> if you download the service pack for IE5.01 and install it,
> the problem goes away. Now, my question is, is this a bug in 
>  Apache/OpenSSL, or is this just a browser bug? Either way,
> it's bad because ALOT of people use IE 5 right now. I can't seem
> to narrow down exactly what bug fix in the service pack fixes
> the problem. Has anyone else encountered this and found a patch
> for it on the Apache/OpenSSL end that will not involve customers
> having to tell people how to fix their  IE5? I have also been told
> that AOL has the same problem, but cannot confirm this, or confirm
> which version of AOL is doing this. If anyone has heard of this,
> and knows what it could be, I would be overjoyed. I have searched
> through bug databases, etc, and have found no evidence of this 
>  problem. Perhaps I overlooked something? 
>  Amy


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