[techtalk] strange SSL issue

Amy amy at bpsinet.com
Fri Jan 26 10:03:25 EST 2001

 We have a secure server running RH7.0, using the
SSL inherent in RH7.0, which uses mod_ssl, 
 (which uses OpenSSL, from what I understand)
with Apache. On certain web browers (IE 5 for certain),
no images show up in secure mode, and the SSL service does
not work. Not ALL IE5 browsers, however. I discovered that
if you download the service pack for IE5.01 and install it,
the problem goes away. Now, my question is, is this a bug in 
 Apache/OpenSSL, or is this just a browser bug? Either way,
it's bad because ALOT of people use IE 5 right now. I can't seem
to narrow down exactly what bug fix in the service pack fixes
the problem. Has anyone else encountered this and found a patch
for it on the Apache/OpenSSL end that will not involve customers
having to tell people how to fix their  IE5? I have also been told
that AOL has the same problem, but cannot confirm this, or confirm
which version of AOL is doing this. If anyone has heard of this,
and knows what it could be, I would be overjoyed. I have searched
through bug databases, etc, and have found no evidence of this 
 problem. Perhaps I overlooked something? 

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