[techtalk] KDE2 (was: Linux Email Clients)

Mari Wang mariw at acm.org
Tue Jan 23 07:59:45 EST 2001

[Caitlyn Martin]

> You would be better off with 2.0.1.  It's got some bug fixes in it,
> as well as better localization/globalization. There are generic
> tarballs on ftp.kde.org.  There are also RPMs for Mandrake, Red Hat,
> Caldera, and SUSE.  Sorry, no Debian.

Well - I just got my KDE 2.0.1 from sunsite.tut.fi yesterday, and that
works rather happily here - being a complete debian newbie, I would
assume that this means 2.0.1 is the main version now. :-)

I don't know is this is of any help, but this is the line I put in

deb http://sunsite.tut.fi/ftp/Mirror/debian/kde.tdyc.com/pub potato main optional crypto qt1apps

Mari :-)


Mari Wang - mariw at acm.org

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