[techtalk] Linux Email Clients

Jamie Walker jamiew at clear.net.nz
Tue Jan 23 11:28:07 EST 2001

root wrote:

> Well, I'd like to have KDE2, because I always love the greatest newest
> bestest thing :)

The newest thing isn't always the greatest and bestest unfortunately. I
find KDE2 to be significantly slower than KDE1.x, and little things bug
me about it like not being able to rearrange the title bar buttons, and
I can't figure out how (if it's possible) to have my taskbar separate
from the panel like I could in KDE1.x - I like to have the taskbar on
the left and the panel on the right, so I get maximum screen height for
app windows.

That said, I'm in the middle of compiling KDE2 'cos I just upgraded to X
4.0.2 and I want a WM with anti-aliasing support :-)

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