[techtalk] Linux Email Clients

ktb x.y.f at home.com
Mon Jan 22 15:28:37 EST 2001

On Mon, Jan 22, 2001 at 02:42:24PM -0800, Kath wrote:
> Ok, dumb question :)
> I'm on Corel, which I know is a Debian based distro, but how the hell do 
> I upgrade to KDE2?
> I tried apt-get install task-kde, but I get a ton of errors that it 
> couldn't find certain packages.  And when I look at the packages to 
> build from source, I have no clue what to do (I hate compiling, I always 
> b0rk it).
> Any help would be appreciated :)

First off you don't have to upgrade to KDE2 to get multiple isp support
in the mail client.  Having said that a good source if information for
debian users is the mail list.  You can search it at the web site or
at http://www.geocrawler.com/
I don't use KDE but know debian people run it and there is a place
to apt-get the packages but can't remember where from.  If I find it I
will post it.

I'd really love ta wana help ya Flanders but... Homer Simpson

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