[techtalk] graphical charts

Alain Tésio alain at onesite.org
Mon Jan 8 21:25:24 EST 2001

Hi, there are a couple of programs at hotscripts.com,
look below PHP/Script/Graphs

I\'m moving from php to python, so I can\'t help more
and I haven\'t tested any. Sure python is friendly,
though nothing special about graphs. But there are
certainly good modules to print charts, if you\'re
bored with the cryptic syntax of perl and the
limitations of php look here for python modules :

python\'s homepage is python.org


> I\'m wondering if anyone knows the best way to program charts. I\'m used to 
> php and perl on linux, and I want to display data graphically. At one 
> point, my company purchased Generator, a macromedia product for this that\'s 
> similar to flash, but it\'s impossible to figure out b/c there\'s no 
> literature/docs on it.
> So, any languages and/or programs that are particularly friendly to that 
> and linux?
> Thanks,
> Nicki

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