[techtalk] wvdial-problem

Karpenstein, Cristina (Apprentice) Cristina.Karpenstein at softwareag.com
Tue Jan 2 13:24:52 EST 2001

hi everybody,
i tried to reach the internet through wvdial. (linux suse 7.0)
it worked fine first, the modem was found, the connection established. but
suddenly it broke up with the error message : pppd daemon has died: pppd
options code: exit code = 2
 in /var/log/messages stands:   
linux pppd: /usr/lib/passwordfd.so: undefined symbol: chap_passwd_hook
linux pppd: couldn't load plugin /usr/lib/passwordfd.so
but this file is available. 
any suggestions and what is chap_passwd_hook?
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