[techtalk] CDs won't play

Darren darren at osadchuk.org
Mon Jan 1 22:39:12 EST 2001

Hi all,

As of, well, an hour or so ago, my system will no longer play audio CDs.
This is something that I do rather infrequently, so the last time I played
a CD was a while ago, but it worked perfectly fine at the time. Now,
nothing. It's a Red Hat 6.1 box, running Gnome 1.2.

Using the CD player app, or the panel applet, the system seems to
recognize the CD and be playing it, but I get no audio. The first time
this happened, I ran cdp, which returned the message "/dev/cdrom: wrong
medium type", and quit. I also get the following lines in dmesg:

kernel: cdrom: pid 10420 must open device 0_NONBLOCK!
kernel: cdrom: open failed

If I run cdp before I start gnome, I get the normal interface screen and
again it appears to be playing the CD, but there's no audio. If I try to
run cdp after starting Gnome, I'll get the "wrong medium type" message,
although I will sometimes get the regular screen (this is happening now,
for some reason).

I haven't been able to find any web pages where this specific problem is
mentioned, so if anybody can help me out, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!


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