[Techtalk] need to specify the UART address

Andrew Wendt awendt at putergeek.com
Mon Aug 27 21:23:27 EST 2001

On August 27, 2001 20:03, Rajiv Saxena wrote:
> Well,I am not using any distribution as such.I am
> compiling the bare kernel and I want to include this
> information so that when I download and run the kernel
> on the eval board,any accesses to the serial port map
> to this address.

Hmm! If you can't include setserial and call it on bootup, then I'm not too 
sure. You could try changing the definition of STD_SERIAL_PORT_DEFNS in 
include/asm-i386/serial.h... of course if your arch isn't i386 you'd look in 
whatever the corresponding directory is.

I wonder if there's a kernel command line parameter for setting that...


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