[Techtalk] Streaming MP3s from a webserver?

Jennifer Davis jsd at jenn.ca
Fri Aug 24 12:26:41 EST 2001


I was experimenting with working with PHP and SQL before I take on the
project of writing a database for a friend's organisation so being the
geek I am, I practiced on about the only thing I cared to organise, my cd
collection.  Now, after all this work, I had a brilliant idea.	Because
the PHP generated pages are just plain html, I was wondering if there were
any tools out there that would allow me to have somewhere on my server a
way to stream an mp3 (or other format?).  I figure I would convert the
last of my cds to mp3 and just have the php generate links to it.  I just
don't know how to make it stream.

Thanks in advance...

Jennifer Davis
jsd at jenn.ca

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