[Techtalk] Word Perfect 2000 and Mandrake 8

Betty Johnson bettyj at telusplanet.net
Thu Aug 23 21:44:17 EST 2001

I have recently purchased a new box which I have installed Mandrake 8 on.
It is Acer box with TNT2 video onboard, also Ethernet and Cmedia sound.  The
computer runs fine, except for one thing -- Word Perfect Office 2000.

I tried to install from CD like I had under 7.1 which worked fine but it
would not install. I went to Corel web site and found the script installer
which I downloaded and used to install Word Perfect Office 2000.  The
install seemed to work fine and the applications even showed up in my KDE
application bar, but I could not open any of the applications.  Error said
it encountered a fatal error and to contact Corel Support.

Now I did pay for this program (quite alot actually as I have the Deluxe
version with Paradox) but I do not think I qualify for Corel Support.  Is
there anyone else who has come across this error, and if so what did you do
about it.

I have been reading through the Corel newsgroup but looks like alot of
information is new and I might have missed something. Thanks!

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