[Techtalk] XF86 Upgrade Woes

Telsa Gwynne hobbit at aloss.ukuu.org.uk
Sat Aug 18 15:31:40 EST 2001

On Sat, Aug 18, 2001 at 10:34:37AM +0100 or thereabouts, Telsa Gwynne wrote:
> However, whilst I had a quick hunt through this month's archives
> and found plenty of nvidia problems, I didn't find any errors 
> messages which matched. However, googling on the first line of
> the error message helped a bit: people who got that error nailed 
> it down as occurring 
> * after installing a program which messed up PAM settings. 
> * when the permissions on their X server were wrong. 
> * dangling "IPC unix domain sockets" hanging around in /tmp. 
> (I am not sure  which of the two directories "ls /tmp/.X*" 
> lists is the one involved.)
> * after installing XFS: http://oss.sgi.com/projects/xfs/installcavs.html
> I got overwhelmed at that stage and stopped looking. Do any of
> those ring a bell? 

Update. I found the original message Bex was replying to in the

> I am running Mandrake 8 with Nvidia drivers installed for my 
> GeForce2 MX. 3D has been working...

This could mean two things. You are running Mandrake and using
drivers for Nvidia provided by Mandrake. Or: you are running
Mandrake and using drivers for Nvidia provided by Nvidia. 

What is this driver, where did you get it from, and is it
the free version, or the binary drivers? Knowing this might
help troubleshoot things. (Although I fear the first reaction
of many people may be "remove binary drivers, try again.)

Also, I am told that this situation causes the error you
mention, too: 

Login at the console as user1. 
Flip to a virtual console with alt-F2. 
Login at this console as user2.

Okay, so who 'owns' the console now? :) (I think it works it out
on the basis of "what order users logged in", but I am not sure.)


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