[Techtalk] Getting around a problem package in debian apt-get dist-upgrade

Michelle Murrain michelle at murrain.net
Fri Aug 17 08:47:01 EST 2001

Hi folks,

I've been running Debian testing, and just did an apt-get update/apt-get 
dist-upgrade, and ran into a problem package (gnome-panel-data). Right now, 
I really don't care about that package - I don't even use gnome, and I can 
go back and fix it later if I want. I just want to finish configuring the 
rest of the upgrade. I can't figure out how to basically skip this package, 
and have the upgrade continue - using apt-get -f install starts the process 
again, which then fails on the problem package.

I can't seem to remove the package, or re-install it, because the same 
dependency problem comes up. Is there a way to tell apt to skip a package? 
I read the man pages, and can't seem to find anything that fits. Thanks!!

Michelle Murrain
michelle at murrain.net

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