[Techtalk] redhat partitionless boot

Miller, Hoff Hoff_Miller at milgo.com
Thu Aug 16 10:12:39 EST 2001


I've installed redhat using a DOS FAT file (partitionless).  It
boots correctly from floppy.  When it boots, it prompts for kernel
args and waits for 10 sec. to allow for entry.  I want to prevent
any kernel args and force the boot to proceed.  I thought I might
be able to modify the pause to make it boot so quickly as to avoid
any human input, but so far cannot figure out how to do so.

When it boots from floppy, it looks like it's using lilo but it
must be from lilo on the floppy, so a question becomes how to
reconfigure the floppy's lilo.


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