[techtalk] Re: gtcd cddb submit

Kathryn Hogg kjh at flyballdogs.com
Wed Nov 29 01:10:08 EST 2000

I had asked about a problem submitting cddb information from gtcd.  I queried
the package and noticed the cddbsubmit binary and started playing with it 
and ultimately got to the point where is said "freedb" was an unknown 

I grabbed the latests sources but they wouldn't compile without the necessary
gnome 1.2 libs.  However, I found a nice little file called cddb-submit-methods
and did a find to see if I had a file with this name elsewhere.  Not at all.
I then got the 1.0.51 sources and verified that the file existed then and 
determined that by default it would install in /usr/local/share/gnome.  Another find for directories named gnome led me to believe that this system is 
configured to use /usr/share/gnome.  So I then copied cddb-submit-methods to
that directory and now it appears that I can submit disc information.  I'll
know for sure when a query returns some information for the disc.

Kathryn Hogg

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