[techtalk] Motherboard repair?

Lisa Mendonsa lisa at phil.com.sg
Wed Nov 29 11:44:54 EST 2000

Hi Eric,
More or less the same kinda wierd thing happened to mine 3 weeks ago:
The last shutdown was apprently normal (or so my sis says after she
was blasting off some games) and when i started up 3 days later, my
monitor refused to power up (it is powered through the system).
My home PC has Windows 95 (which I will soon rectify).
The monitor LED would come on, then turn to orange and a click would be
heard from inside the monitor. So i got my neighbours monitor and it did
power on, except that it showed strange squares on the screen
My warranty for everything has run out, but my vendor did take the system
and has sent the motherboard for repairs. I dint try shorting the CMOS cos
i am deathly scared of blowing it up :) so I rely on my vendor to do
everything (yeah yeah I know I'm pathetic :))

But this thing should be fixable. As soon as my m/c comes back I'll tell

 On Tue, 28 Nov 2000, Eric
Richard Turner wrote:

> I purchased an Asus P2B-DS motherboard 13 months ago (with a 12 month
> warranty) for $413, and built a nice dual-processor system. It has been
> working fine for the past year, and I haven't had to do any work on it.
> Last shutdown everything was normal. Now when I power on, it won't POST
> (it never even gets to the point of showing anything on the screen) and
> it's only one month out of warranty (ugh... this is a consumer's
> nightmare!!!!). Strangely, my computer won't shut down when I press the
> power switch, so I have to unplug it. When I plug it back in I also don't
> have to press the power switch: it just powers up (but still won't POST)
> by itself. Now the really strange part: if I clear the CMOS (by shorting
> the two solder points as outlined in the owners manual), then plug the
> machine back in, it doesn't power up automatically. So I press the switch
> to power up, it doesn't POST, won't power down, ad infinitum...
> To figure out what the problem is, I removed the hard drives. I also
> removed the extra cards (i.e. sound, NIC, etc...). Basically all that is
> in the case is the power supply, video card, motherboard, RAM, and
> processors. I tested the video card, RAM and processors in another
> machine. I tested the power supply with a volt meter, and tested the
> switch with an ohm meter. The problem has to be on the motherboard!
> I contacted my vendor, but they won't do anything because the board is out
> of warranty. Any suggestions? Anyone know if I can get this repaired? I
> really cannot afford to buy another board (poor starving student, blah
> blah blah).
> Thanks,
> Eric R. Turner
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