[techtalk] can't add default route.

Kristin Ziel zoop at sound.scc.net
Mon Nov 27 11:20:15 EST 2000

well, i can add my default route now!  the problem was that i had the
wrong subnet mask.  i have a notebook where I write down all the things i
do to my computer so that i've got a record, and i must have not thought
when i was writing down my subnet mask.


thank you all SO MUCH for the tips.  :)

now, there's a different problem, but i'm not sure if it is me or not.  i
ping my gateway <dsl router> and it says that there is traffice <traffic
light blinks appropriately>, but i get no ping response whatsoever.  in my
ifconfig, the TX packets have increased, so I believe my NIC is working
appropriately.  The RX packets remain at zero.

I can also ping an address complete external to my network <ISP's DNS> and
the DSL router still shows traffic, but i am getting no response back
either...all packets are dropped....ifconfig shows the same behaviour.

I even reconfigured my DSL router to make sure that i had all the
appropriate settings, and have verfied them with my ISP's documentation
<just in case i miswrote something in my notebook>, and the behaviour is
still the same.  i have no firewall configured at this time.  

Is this a problem with my OS or is my DSL router screwed up somehow?


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