[techtalk] PPPd, pcmcia network, debian, clueless

kallicat at linuxfreemail.com kallicat at linuxfreemail.com
Sun Nov 26 17:36:11 EST 2000

linuxfreemail.com is half decent free email. You can actually get your
email with a regular mail client (tho you have to send from the webmail
interface). The pages aren't bloated, meaning they are not too evilly
slow on my 56K connect, and are darn fast on ethernet. It is *not*
feature heavy, but on the whole that is a good thing.

I used to use crosswinds.net which was a webmail *and* full pop thing,
but they had an enormous amount of downtime.

If you are willing to spend a bit of money, and are a science fiction
fan, sff.net is good... they have a plan that's about $50/year.


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