[techtalk] PPPd, pcmcia network, debian, clueless

Sunnanvind Briling dodsangel at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 26 20:55:23 EST 2000

I don't know if this'll get through, probably not, since I'm sending from a 
webmail adress (an evil one, even - OT: anyone have a good suggestion for 
good email? My regular popmail is expiring next month).

Anyway, I was at a LAN the other day and used my network card for the first 
Some local wizard helped me (I didn't know anything at all about networking) 
configuring pcnetconfig, or running it or something (I didn't pay enough 
attention to what he did). Bottom line is, anyway, that using my notebook to 
connect to the LAN with my PCMCIA network card worked like a charm. When I 
got home, I connected the modem (USR external) to the com port in the back 
of the computer as usual, run pon (the debian ppp-on script) but it didn't 
Is there something I need to do to tell my computer that I am no longer on 
the lan, and if so, what?
Thankful for your attention,
Sunnanvind (haven't been able to read the rest of my mail yet).
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