[techtalk] a PDA question

alissa bader mol666 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 22 11:18:12 EST 2000

not really a *nix question, but ah well :>

I am looking to buy a PDA/palm/whatever, I'm going to
be travelling pretty soon and need something to keep
myself organized.  A notebook would probably be
better, but I really want a vaio and even refurb,
those things are out of my budget ATM :<  

what I'll be using the PDA for :  checking email,
occassional websurfing (you can do that on a palm,
right, I'm sort of clueless on these things, ok don't
laugh :>), keeping lists (apartment lists, phone
numbers, etc), jotting down occassional musings. 
Should be able to spend about $300 or so on it.

thanks in advance for all advice,and happy
pre-thanksgiving, y'all!


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