[techtalk] can't add default route.

Kristin Ziel zoop at sound.scc.net
Wed Nov 22 09:58:57 EST 2000

cool...this is something new to try!  i'll give it a go tonight and let
you know.  :)


> hi kristin
>  u can try this:>
> first delete any  default entry in ur routing table by
>  route del default.
> if it gives error message like "no such process" itis ok dont worry.
> actually the network unreacable message is because the net id of ur
> gateway  differs from the net id of eth0
> suppose ur gateway IP is 194.200.10.XXX then eth0 should be 
> something like 194.200.10.YYY. 
> U cant access the network 194.200.10 from eth0. Check the IP of your
> gateway(router or proxy?).
> The required routing entry will be
>    route add default gw 194.200.10.XXX eth0. Dont specify any netmask.
> If the net id of eth0 is different then try other interfaces if u
> have. Otherwise change the IP of eth0 using ifconfig.
> route -n will show:>
> destination     gateway        genmask   Flags metric  Iface
>      194.200.10.XXX     UG    0      eth0
> arindam c.
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