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Malcolm Tredinnick malcolm at commsecure.com.au
Tue Nov 21 17:28:58 EST 2000

On Tue, Nov 21, 2000 at 03:31:09PM +1100, Mary Gardiner wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 21, 2000 at 03:18:55AM +0000, jenn at simegen.com wrote:
> > Techtalk is probably the list you actually wanted, where we discuss
> > technical issues and only technical issues.
> *Is* that actually the purpose of techtalk? Most of what I see on it is "I
> have problem X, can you solve?"
> Perhaps that's what you meant by 'technical issues', sorry.
> And that's an OK thing for a mailing list to be of course.
> But when I first read the term "technical issues" I thought about a list
> where topics of discussion were more: what's a good design for an SMTP
> program? when's a good time for a program to enter release 1.0? (Both
> questions I've faced recently.)
> Has this ever occured on techtalk? I'd love to see a list about broader
> technical issues, and one in this community would be really good.

I can't remember what the current charter for this list is, but I think
it covers both types of questions: specific questions about using and
setting up systems and the more meta-type of technical questions (the
sort Mary mentioned above).

Try asking those sort of questions on here and see what happens. There
would likely be many people who will venture opinions and the threads
are likely to be longer, since there will be less in the way of
cut-and-dried answers, as there are to "how do I setup program foo".

To my mind, those are all interesting of questions, since I'm interested
in hearing what other people say.


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