[techtalk] installing RAID controller on existing RedHat 6.2 system

Naomi Hospodarsky naomi-hospodarsky at uiowa.edu
Tue Nov 21 00:01:12 EST 2000

hey folks,

Anyone have any tips regarding taking an existing RedHat 6.2 server and 
adding a RAID controller to it?
I've got the driver loading (I think) but when I boot, I only see my 
original disk. How do I tell RH that there's a whole new giant space that 
it can use now?
I can't seem to find any reference that the system is acknowledging the new 

Or do I have to reinstall everything??

I've never done RAID on Linux before....at least not to a pre-existing 
If it matters, I've got the Adaptec 2100s PCI controller.
  Anyway, any tips at this current too-much-coffee-woman hour would be much 



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