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Subject: Re: [techtalk] Desperate Plea for CDROM mounting help!!
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 00:45:09 -0600
From: coder <coderman at mindspring.com>
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"S. Stubbs" wrote:
> I am able toburn a CD just fine, I burned 2 CDs today, but I cannot mount the
> CDrom drive just to look at the contents of a CD. I still think in my mind that
> it

You may want to try mounting it as a SCSI drive.
The way most linux CD burning software interfaces with an IDE CDROM
burner is via
the SCSI emulation provided by ATAPI complaint CD burners (almost all
IDE burners).

So, to mount the cdrom, you would use /dev/scd0 - /dev/scd6 as the
device.  Usually /dev/scd0.


$ mount /dev/scd0 /mnt/cdrom

and see if that works.  Otherwise you may want to try 'scsi_info' on the
various devices
/dev/scdX until you find one that matches your CDROM.

On my system this is:

[root at logic dtcp_stack]# scsi_info /dev/scd0
MODEL="Memorex CRW-2642"

Hope that helps.

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