[techtalk] Introduction

Carol ariadne at brokersys.com
Tue Nov 14 19:10:29 EST 2000

I am not great at introducing myself, as I never really know what to

I'm Carol. I'm 45 years old (and I am very glad I caught that typo, as
I had just typed that I was 456 years old. While I may sometimes feel
that old, in truth, I am not quite there, yet.) I work full time doing
tech support for a local ISP and have been dabbling with linux since
I started here. I do not, as yet, fully understand it.

Recently, due to the plannings of gods with weird senses of humor, I
went from running a windoze system to one running linux with GNU at
work. It is an adventure that I am rather enjoying. I have linux on my
home computer. It's dually bootable to either linux or 'doze and being a
coward, I generally boot to 'doze. I don't have GNU at home, yet. That's
something I need to figure out how to do. I didnt' set up the work
system so I don't really know how to get everything that I need. I am
also going to have to have a computer that will WINE (whine? probably,
but hopefully not loud enough to annoy me), as I do a lot of graphics
work with PSP6 and Bladepro.

Other interests... I have a soap making business, where myself and my
business partner make traditional lye soap, glycerin soap, lotions and
salt scrubs (instead of having spare time, of course). I love to do
beadwork, embroidery, sewing, cooking, reading, writing, and am learning
to do henna art. I also have three Great Danes, two of whom are barely a
year old. Full house, of course, but full heart, too.

That's me. Any questions, fire away. I'll answer them. Not much ever
offends me.


Drogh-Ellynagh MacRhoode
Chief, Clan MacRhoode
"It's not just a list. It's a lifestyle."

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