[techtalk] Suggestions for networking courses?

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    I've gone through lots of different proprietary training (Lucent, Copper
Mountain, Cisco) and from my experience there's really only so many ways
these places can re-hash the OSI model and TCP/IP.  If you're looking for
basic conceptual knowledge, go low-budget - check out the www.whatis.com
networking section or something similar.  If you want conceptual knowledge +
hands-on - I'd have to vote for Cisco, simply because it was the most
thorough all-round intro I had, plus the most hands-on.  I'm big on hands-on
:). And all that's despite the fact that some of my male classmates assumed
I was the receptionist until they saw me sitting in the class later that
morning, but that's a rant for another list...


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> I desperately need some network training and would prefer not to default
> Cisco training without looking into it.  Anyone have suggestions or
> experiences with good training, or know a place that does a nice
> of courses that are out there?
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