[techtalk] Maximum users on linux ..

Lisa Mendonsa lisa at phil.com.sg
Thu Nov 9 16:12:14 EST 2000

hi all, 
I am using Redhat 7.0 on my multi-processor server.

problem desc: 

  when the no. of users logged on using the "telnet" service exceeds
89, the server then refuses any more telnet connections (though rlogin

  in /var/log/secure, the error msg is as follows:
Nov 8 16:32:40 email xinetd[416]: FAIL: telnet service_limit

email being the name of the server

This happens from any given machine on the network.

Checked up the source code of xinetd 
current version is :  xinetd-
but could not find any reference to 89, though i tried to trace the
variable service_limit, AC_RUNNING_SERVER, CF_RUNNING_SERVER, there seems
to be no definite place that it gets initialized.
Please help..

Thanks in advance!!

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