[techtalk] Lilo (or is it mbr?) woes

ktb x.y.f at home.com
Mon Nov 6 20:12:43 EST 2000

Sunnanvind Briling wrote:
> I haven't had any problems with this on other distros, so this might or mightn't be debian specific.
> The problem is that updating lilo doesn't seem to work.
> The labels I currently have running, the ones I can choose between at boot, are pglfb and h. The former is my linuxpartition, and the latter is dos (currently that directory is removed from my fat partition, but I like to keep it bootable just in case I'll add freedos or something).
> I've compiled kernel v 2.2.17, and also changed the labels in /etc/lilo.conf to linux and h (still). I've run lilo as root (sbin is in roots path on my system), and it says "adding linux *; adding h" but when I reboot, it's still pglfb, and it boots kernel 2.2.15.
> I am using the debian mbr-program (that promts you to pick a partition to boot from)
> What am I doing wrong?

I don't know why the labels wouldn't change.  Have your pointed
lilo.conf to your new kernel as well?  Why don't you post your
lilo.conf so we can take a look.

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