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Lillis Long lrlongx at nrst.net
Sun Nov 5 09:07:51 EST 2000

I realize that this may not be the appropriate place to ask this question,
but why would you send out an email with a tag line like this? i mean, if
the information is really that sensetive then why isnt it encrypted and/or
at least sent with a pgp signature. It just seems like all your doing is
harrasing/annoying whoever happens to get the email. Why in the world would
i even bother with a message like this if it wasnt intended for me? Im not
going to go through the effort of errasing all copies on my hard drive when
ii dont eve know who sent it.

Oh well, maybe im just weird, It seems so futile.

Lillis(Sorry if my ranting in unwaranted)

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